Why Mousetrapper?

Pain in the arm, shoulder or neck?

Mousetrapper is the mouse alternative to prevent mouse syndrome and any other problem that may arise from working with a conventional mouse. The central positioning of Mousetrapper in front of the keyboard provides an excellent ergonomic working position, arms close to the body and hands close to the keyboard.

This allows you to prevent and often relieve musculoskeletal disorders that can occur when working outside the axis of the shoulder, which is the case when working with a conventional mouse. It is therefore no longer necessary to reach out to grab the mouse on the desk. The wide, flexible wrist rest provides support and relief for the neck, shoulders, arm and wrist.


The Mousetrapper Control Pad is not a touchpad. It is a mechanical control pad that provides a very unique tactile sensation. With simple movements, you can control the cursor by placing your index, middle and ring finger on the control pad which moves smoothly in two dimensions. Easy to use, it offers the user maximum flexibility and allows him to click directly on the pad. Discover the sensation of the Mousetrapper.

The unique mesh-like Control Pad moves in two dimensions and is smooth, precise and easy.

Mousetrapper Control Pad_Canada_Montreal_Laval_Quebec.gif
Mousetrapper Control Pad_Canada_Montreal_Laval_Quebec_2.gif

With a soft, tactile feel and a centered position our Control Pad helps you avoid and in many cases relieve strain injuries that can arise from over-stretching your arm, as you do with a conventional mouse.

The Control Pad is equipped with a smart edge scroll for an easy workflow.

Mousetrapper Control Pad_Canada_Montreal_Laval_Quebec_1.gif




Everything you expect from a Mousetrapper, and more. It gives you many more possibilities to configure your Mousetrapper exactly as you want. With Prime, you can work wirelessly via Bluetooth.

On Prime, the wrist rests can be cleaned and replaced, keeping the product always in a fresh state. 

Advance 2.0

The Advance 2.0 is our best seller, available in two different models with elegant white or coral details. Advance 2.0 relieves and prevents mouse syndrome and other problems associated with working with a conventional mouse.



Mousetrapper Alpha is our most comprehensive product, which combines the benefits of a centered pointing device with the user friendliness of a full-sized keyboard. Alpha connects to your computer via Bluetooth or USB cable and has a long battery life, so you can enjoy the flexibility of working wirelessly. By combining a keyboard and an ergonomic pointing device, you will never need to think about which keyboard is suitable for your Mousetrapper or adjust the gap between the pointing device and keyboard. Mousetrapper Alpha is the perfect product for those who want to reduce pain and improve wellbeing without having to compromise efficiency or flexibility