Work Smart - Feel Good

Bakkerelkhuizen creates innovative and high-end ergonomic solutions to optimize your workplace and contribute to the physical and mental well-being of computer users.

BakkerElkhuizen now has more than 25 years of experience in the field of ergonomics, workstation design and the development of ergonomic hardware and software. For them, experience cannot be bought, it grows steadily.


Their innovative solutions allow us to be physically and mentally stimulated to move more, work more efficiently by adopting and alternating good posture. The man is at the center of their research. Man is at the heart of their philosophy.

Ergo-Q Hybrid

The Ergo-Q Hybrid is an all-in-one tablet and laptop stand but also the perfect tool for your hybrid workstation.

The Ergo-Q Hybrid is also suitable for laptops up to 16 inches. You can choose between five levels of height adjustment, which are easy to adjust using the strap on the front.

If you need a stand for your tablet or mobile screen, you can easily attach your device using the flexible clamp.

Ergo-Q-Hybrid-laptop support BakkerElkhuizen_Montreal_Laval_Quebec_Toronto_Canada.webp

UltraStand Universal

Built-in laptop stand, always with you.

The UltraStand Universal is ideal for mobile screen work. With the UltraStand Universal built into your computer , there's no longer any need to carry a separate laptop stand in your bag, it's always close at hand!


It is ultra-thin and super light and therefore space-saving. Whether you use it in the office, at university or at home, you will simply employ it wherever you can imagine working with a laptop. The UltraStand Universal is the perfect companion when you're on the go.

Ergo-Q 260

Foldable. Compact. Mobile.

The Ergo-Q 260 computer stand made of Hylite aluminum with an integrated document holder .

It is ideal for mobile screen work, for example in a home office setting, during a meeting in the office, at a client's or on the way home, in a library or café, or simply anywhere you can imagine working with your laptop

It avoids any rotation of the neck, documents and digital devices are placed between the keyboard and the support. This allows you to work automatically "in line" and relieves your neck and eyes.

ergo-q-260-Support ordinateur portable 16po ergonomique-porte document_Support laptop ergo
ergo-q-hybrid-bakkerelkhuizen_Support tablette_laptop_ordinateur portable_tablet support_E

Ergo-Top 320 Circular

The Ergo-Top 320 Circular is a laptop stand made from durable materials, perfect for your stationary workstation.

  Brings your laptop screen to the optimal height and viewing angle. It also has an integrated document holder to place your documents, tablet or mobile phone.

The Ergo-Top 320 Circular is an environmentally friendly product and consists of 100% recycled materials and is recyclable!

FlexDesk 640

With the FlexDesk 640 document holder, easily place documents, books, folders, notes and even digital media, such as tablets or cell phones on the gently tilted surface right in front of you for the perfect reading angle.

It is a Multifunctional support, you can read, write and type using the FlexDesk 640. 

Thanks to the FlexDesk 640 maximize the space between the screen and the keyboard and work in a healthy posture aligned on your shoulders. Improve your comfort and efficiency and keep your desk organized for better concentration and increased productivity.

flexdesk-640---porte-documents-et-surface-d--ecriture-coulissante-ergonomique-copy holder-
Q-Doc 515 - porte document recyclé ergonomique bakker elkhuizen- copy holder ergonomic rec

Q-Doc 515 Circular

The Q-Doc 515 Circular Ergonomic Briefcase is durable, adjustable with a large work surface.


It ensures that your documents and your portable device are right in front of you on the same line, between your screen and your keyboard, in a perfect viewing angle. This avoids any physical discomfort to your neck and back, as you don't need to bend your neck, while reading your documents.

The Q-doc 515 Circular is made from 100% recycled materials and is therefore an environmentally friendly product and it is recyclable!